On or about July 10th of 1970 at the age of seventeen, Phil Snyder had a “Third Heaven” encounter with God remarkably similar to what the Apostle Paul briefly describes in 2 Corinthians 12:1-4. What happened to him that night affected him in ways that do not remotely compare with anything else in his life before or since. Phil’s hope and expectation is that God will use this work to show how perfectly He has laid plans for us to grow in the holiness of Christ’s likeness, without which it is impossible to be in His Presence, let alone sit with Him on His throne.

“I heartily commend Phil’s life account with its instructive lessons to you. You will be enriched, uplifted, and grateful you read it through!”
 - John Robb, Chairman, International Prayer Council
“You will be so BLESSED….this is a surprising, DEEPLY spiritual book with shocking personal stories.”
- Dr. Lonnie Rex, Founder: David Livingstone Missionary Foundation

Biographical / Inspirational
134 pages / Softback
Published by Kazap Company


Fantasy Novel / Ages 8-13 years
210 pages / Softback
Published by Kazap Company

“This was a fun and creative journey centered around Christmas, full of tongue in cheek humor suited for the young and young at heart. I learned some interesting historical facts about St. Nicholas and Christmas in the process.”
 - Laura Johnston, Amazon Reviewer
“This is a nice take on a familiar character, with plenty of action. The prayer in the midst of the action really stood out to me, and struck me as unique.”
- Jeffrey Nevins, Amazon Reviewer

"St. Nick and the Cane of Power," a fantasy novel by Phil Snyder, playfully and ingeniously melds the historical bishop of the early Christian church with the modern-day, mostly secular icon. The character that emerges is a type of Christ, who is both reverent and relevant.
"Nick," as he is known to the "story-teller," Peter Cottontail, is attacked by adversaries bent on destroying, not only him, but Christmas, Easter, and any vestiges of Judeo-Christian traditions worldwide.

Nick, Mrs. Claus, and their two adopted children set off on a thrilling adventure that is part "Star Wars" and part "Piercing the Darkness," yet one-of-a-kind in its uniqueness. "St. Nick and the Cane of Power" is full of engaging plot twists, and a surprise ending like none other.

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